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* Ethnobotany of Some Useful Trees of Hindu-Kush Moutain Region: A Case Study of Swat Kohistan, District Swat, Pakistan by Muhammad Hamayun

* Influence of Farming Culture on Rituals of North Malabar Region of Kerala State (India) by M.P. Jayashree, F.M.H. Khaleel and Ranjan S. Karippai

* Sustainable Market Development for Non Timber Forest Products in Pakistan by Abdul Latif and Zabta Khan Shinwari

* Study of Ageing and Production of Wine from Grape Fruit by Fermentation Process by X.X. Guo, J. Wang, M. Gulfraz, L. Shi and J. Tian

* An Ethnomedicinal Inventory of Plants Used for Family Planning and Sex Disease Treatment in Samahni Valley, (A.K.) Pakistan by Muhammad Ishtiaq Ch, M.A. Khan and Amin ullah Shah

* Ethnomedicinal Plant Resources of South Eastern Nigeria by Gordian C. Obute

* Antibacterial Potential of Clerodendrum inerme Crude Extracts Against Some Human Pathogenic Bacteria by Abdul Viqar Khan and Athar Ali Khan

* Efficient Cellulase Production from Corn Straw by Trichoderma reesei LW1 Through Solid State Fermentation Process by J.Sh. Wang, J. Wang and M. Golfraz

* Quality and Harvesting Specifications of some Medicinal Plant Parts Set Up by some Herbalists in the Eastern Region of Ghana by Y. Ameyaw, F.A. Aboagye, A.A. Appiah and H.R. Blagogee

* Ethnobotanical Profile of Utrar and Gabral Valleys, District Swat, Pakistan by Muhammad Hamayun, Mir Ajab Khan and Tariq Hayat

* Ethnobotanical Aspects of Plants used as Spices and Condiments in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria by B.C. Ndukwu and N.B. Ben-Nwadibia

* Ethnomedicinal Uses of Achyranthes aspera L. (Amaranthaceae) in Management of Gynaecological Disorders in Western Uttar Pradesh (India) by Abdul Vigar Khan and Athar Ali Khan

* Assessment of Variation in some Medical Plant Species Envisaged of Having the Potential for the Preservation of Herbal Products Using some Statistical Models by Y. Ameyaw, Duker-Eshun and F.C. Mills-Robertson

* Morphohistological Studies of Two Plant Species Used in Ethnomedicine by Y. Ameyaw and E. Owosu-Ansah

* The Presence of 5-Hydroxy-Methyl-Furfural in the Shells of the Durian Fruit (Durio zibethinus Murr.) as Minor Deodorant and its Possible Role in the Ripening Process of the Fruit by Oen Liang-Hie and Soemartini

* Healing or Recovery Ability of Harvested Stem Bark of a Medicinal Plant, Khaya senegelensis (Desr.) A. Juss., in a Cultivated Arboretum in the Greater-Accra Region of Ghana by Y. Ameyaw and I. Ampaw

* The Medicinally Important Leafy Vegetables of South Western Nigeria by A. E. Ayodele

* Herbals in Hepatology by Amrit Pal Singh

* Promising Phytochemicals from Indian Medicinal Plants by Amrit Pal Singh

* Comparison in Various Bioactive Compounds of Leaves and Seeds of Foeniculum vulgare Mill. by Gulfraz, M., M. Arshad, N. Uzma, Kanwal and K. Shabir

* Pharmacognostic Studies of some Indigenous Medicinal Plants of Pakistan by Abid Mahmood, Mushtaq Ahmad, Asma Jabeen, Muhammad Zafar and Saima Nadeem

* Ethnobotanical Study of Galliyat for Botanical Demography and Bio-Ecological Diversification by Muhammad Arshad and Mushtaq Ahmad

* Investigation for Bioactive Compounds of Berberis lyceum Royle and Justicia adhatoda L. by M. Gulfraz, M. Arshad, N. Nayyer, N. Kanwal and U. Nisar

* Medico-Botanical Investigation of Medicinally important Plants from Galliyat Areas, NWFP (Pakistan) by Muhammad Arshad amd Mushtaq Ahmad

* Ethnophytotherapical Approaches for the Treatment of Diabetes by the Local Inhabitants of District Attock (Pakistan) by Mushtaq Ahmad, Mir Ajab Khan, Muhammad Arshad and Mohammad Zafar

* Enicostemma littorale Blume-Scientific Monograph by Amrit Pal Singh

* Kutkins-A Review of Chemistry and Pharmacology by Amrit Pal Singh

* Challenges Faced to Mazri Palm (Nannorhops ritchieana): A Case Study of Jhankey, District Mardan, Pakistan by Addul Latif et al.

* Ethnobotany of Palas Valley, Pakistan by Zafeer Saqib and A. Sultan

* The Lost Glory of Folk Medicine by Amrit Pal Singh

* Ayurveda and Drug Standardization by Amrit Pal Singh

* Adhatoda vasica-Therapeutic Monograph by Amrit Pal Singh

* Studies on the traditional uses of plants of Malam Jabba valley, District Swat, Pakistan by Ilyas Iqbal and Muhammad Hamayun

* Ethnobotanical Studies Of Chandigarh Region by Amrit Pal Singh

* A Potential Anticancer Withanolide from Withania somnifera (L.) Dun. by Amrit Pal Singh

* Hepatotprotective Natural Products by Samir Malhotra and Amrit Pal Singh

* Glycyrrhizin-A Review by Amrit Pal Singh

* Studies on collection and marketing of Morchella (Morels) of Utror-Gabral Valleys, District Swat, Pakistan by Muhammad Hamayun and Mir Ajab Khan

* Ethnobotanical Resources of Manikhel Forests, Orakzai Tirah, Pakistan by Habib Ahmad, Samiullah Khan, Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Hamayun

* Salicin - A Natural Analgesic by Amrit P. Singh

* Distribution of Steroid-like Compounds in Plant Flora by Amrit P. Singh and A.S. Sandhu

* Potential and Market Status of Mushrooms as Non-Timber Forest Products in Pakistan by Abdul Latif , Zabta Khan Shinwari and Shaheen Begum

* Hypericin - A Napthodianthrone from Hypericum perforatum by Dr Amrit Pal Singh, MD

* Ethnobotanical Studies of some Useful Shrubs and Trees of District Buner, NWFP, Pakistan, by Muhammad Hamayun

* Marketing of medicinal plants of Utror-Gabral Valleys, Swat, Pakistan, by Muhammad Hamayun, Mir Ajab Khan and Shaheen Begum

* Common medicinal folk recipes of District Buner, NWFP, Pakistan, by Muhammad Hamayun, Ambara Khan and Mir Ajab Khan

* The Role of Natural Products in Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer´┐Żs Disease, by Dr. Amrit Pal Singh, MD

* Pharmacological considerations of Tylophora asthmatica, by Dr. Amrit Pal Singh, MD

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