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  WELCOME to Ethnobotanical Leaflets. Here you will find links to various ethnobotanical projects and organizations around the world. Take time and enjoy our Web Journal. As always, manuscript contributions from our readers are welcome.

-- Web Journal --

* Ethnobotanical Studies Of Chandigarh Region by Amrit Pal Singh

* A Potential Anticancer Withanolide from Withania somnifera (L.) Dun. by Amrit Pal Singh

* Hepatotprotective Natural Products by Samir Malhotra and Amrit Pal Singh

* Glycyrrhizin-A Review by Amrit Pal Singh

* Studies on collection and marketing of Morchella (Morels) of Utror-Gabral Valleys, District Swat, Pakistan by Muhammad Hamayun and Mir Ajab Khan

* Ethnobotanical Resources of Manikhel Forests, Orakzai Tirah, Pakistan by Habib Ahmad, Samiullah Khan, Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Hamayun

* Salicin - A Natural Analgesic by Amrit P. Singh

* Distribution of Steroid-like Compounds in Plant Flora by Amrit P. Singh and A.S. Sandhu

* Potential and Market Status of Mushrooms as Non-Timber Forest Products in Pakistan by Abdul Latif , Zabta Khan Shinwari and Shaheen Begum

* Hypericin - A Napthodianthrone from Hypericum perforatum by Dr Amrit Pal Singh, MD

* Ethnobotanical Studies of some Useful Shrubs and Trees of District Buner, NWFP, Pakistan, by Muhammad Hamayun

* Marketing of medicinal plants of Utror-Gabral Valleys, Swat, Pakistan, by Muhammad Hamayun, Mir Ajab Khan and Shaheen Begum

* Common medicinal folk recipes of District Buner, NWFP, Pakistan, by Muhammad Hamayun, Ambara Khan and Mir Ajab Khan

* The Role of Natural Products in Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer’s Disease, by Dr. Amrit Pal Singh, MD

* Pharmacological considerations of Tylophora asthmatica, by Dr. Amrit Pal Singh, MD

* Barley; The Versatile Crop, by Brian Young

* The Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa), by Tim Hennessey

* Ephedra (Ma Huang), by Erica McBroom

* Ephedra: Asking for Trouble?, by Scot Peterson

* Ginkgo biloba, by Kelly Westall

* Cyperus papyrus: From the Nile to Modern Times, by Matt Burmeister

* The Miraculous Reishii: Mushroom or Medicine?, by Dylan Kosmar

* St. John's Wort...A Peculiar Name for an Interesting Plant, by Jennifer Lynn Craig

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Book Review Corner

* The Wealth of India by K.S. Krishnan Marg, editor.
* Medicine Quest by Mark Plotkin
* The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry and Mark J. Plotkin
* The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry
* Medicinal Plants of the Heartland by Connie Kaye and Neil Billington
* Potions, Poisons, and Panaceas by David Brussell
* Origin and Early Diversification of Land Plants by P. Kenrick & P.R. Crane

Research Notes

* Costa Rica Herb Walk
* An Interview with Dr. Liao, Tang Center, Univ. Chicago
* Varroa Mites
* Ethnobotanical Leaflets Starch Research Page
* Agriboard, Use of Non-timber Cellulose for Construction
* The Inclusive Herbarium by Edgar Anderson
* How to Define a Species?
* Rain Forest Medicines, an interview with Mark Plotkin

Ethno News and Happenings

* Richard Schultes, 86, Dies
* Peter Raven, Winner of National Medal of Science 2000
* May Symposium Honors Monte Lloyd at University of Chicago
* Domestication Exhibit at Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris
* US Uses Biowarfare to Combat Drugs, by Scott Herron
* New Herbal Research Center at Univ. Chicago, by M. K. Van Zant
* Post-Hurricane Watershed Restoration in Acachapa, El Salvador
* Editorship of Economic Botany changes hands

Galleria Botanica

*EBL Featured Artist Keith Harrison
*EBL Featured artist Rebecca Brown
*Discover Domestication, Paris
*Botanical Artists Association of Southern Africa
*Redoute Magnolia+
*Decorated gum leaves, School of Botany Foundation
*Tony Swann review of most beautiful botanical books
*Posters from the Guild of Natural Science 2000 meeting in Portugal


* Society for Economic Botany: Home Page & News of Annual Meeting
* Society for Ecological Restoration, Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada
* Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Bar Harbour, Maine
* The Association for Tropical Biology, Bangalore, India
* 3rd International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development, Alicante, Spain
* International Association of Landscape Ecology, U.S. Symposium, Tempe, Arizona

Careers in Ethnobotany

* Earthworks-Job Opportunities
* Job Listings from the Chronicle of Higher Education
* Graduate Programs in Ethnobotany
* Undergraduate Studies in Ethnobotany

Policy Corner

* 31 NSF Grants Relevant to Ethno and Economic Botany
* NSF Extends Invitation for Ethnobotanical Workshop by MKVZant
* Call for Economic Botany/Ethnobotany Cluster at NSF by MKVZant
* Editorial Policy

Worldwide Economic Botany Resources 

* Society for Economic Botany Home Page
* Herbs and Herb Gardening, Resource Guide
* American Botanical Council HerbalGram
* The Amazon Conservation Team
* The Ethnobotany Project
* Medicinal Plants of the Peruvian Amazon
* Useful Plants
* Ethnobotany in the Forests of Belize
* Kinabalu Ethnobotany Project (PEK)
* Secwepemc Ethnobotany
* Native American Food Plants, U.S. National Agricultural Library
* Medicinal Plants of Native Americans, U.S. National Agricultural Library
* Amazon Rain Forest Includes Ethno-herpatology
* The Gatherer: Plant Use Multiple Database Search Engine
* Survey of Economic Plants for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (SEPASAL)
* Ethnobotany Database, U.S. National Agricultural Library
* WWW Ethnobotany Resource Directory
* People and Plants Online
* Seed Savers Exchange
* Cyberbotanica: Plants and Cancer Treatments
* Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops
* New Crop Resource Online Program
* Internet Directory for Botanical Illustrations
* Kew's list of over 200 Web sites of interest to economic botanists
* Economic Botany Web Pages, from the Internet Directory for Botany
* Books Needing Reviewers for Journal of Economic Botany

Related Web Pages

* Don Ugent's Home Page
* Protocells: The Origin of Life
* Tropical Dinoflagellates

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