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  WELCOME to Ethnobotanical Leaflets. In our Policy Corner you can preview in advance of our forthcoming summer issue an interview with Meredith Lane that is entitled, "Teaming with Life." Dr. Lane was deeply involved in production of the Report by the Panel on Biodiversity of Ecosystems of the President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). The proposals in the Report are being presented for consideration starting with this year's federal budgets for NSF, NASA, EPA and other executive branch institutions. The interview focuses on points of interest to all biologists and to economic and ethnobotanists in particular. Dr. Peter Raven of the Missouri Botanical Garden was chair of the committee which produced the report. Also in this issue you'll find a number of new subject areas worth exploring, including recent contributions to our Web Journal. Under this heading will be found various short articles and research notes of general interest to our readers. Please check the link, Ethnobotanical Leaflets Starch Research Page for further news. Also, new color photos by Carlos Ochoa have been added to the Galleria Section. In addition, please note the new links in Online Economic Botany Resources. As always, contributions from our readers are welcome.

Web Journal

--Your source of information on Economic Plants--

* Heaven's Delight--Vanilla, by Luís M. Mendoza de Carvalho

* The Natural History of Mahogany, by Scott Herron

* Taro (Colocasia esculenta), by Wilfred Lee

* The Incredibly Usable Cattail, by Anthony Graham

* Origin, Distribution and Classification of Broccoli Varieties, by John McMurray

* The Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis), by Keith E. Morgan

* Black Mustard, by Sarah Ewing

* The Tomato, by Marty Vogt

In our Winter 1998 issue you'll find articles on the ethnobotany of Atropa belladona, avocado, bamboo, hemp, Chenopodium, coca, coconut, cola, jimson weed, peanut, peppers, pineapple and quinine.
See the Summer 1998 issue for articles on Banisteriopsis caapi, Cannabis, chocolate, coca, native dye plants, ergot, mayapple, opium, papaya, peyote, Salvia divinorum and tobacco. Also included in this issue are color photos by Carlos Ochoa of Peruivan maize cobs, chile peppers, zapote (Manilkara zapota), common bean, capuli (Physalis peruviana) and mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum).
Our Fall 1998 issue has articles on edible seaweed, banana, canola, ginseng, grape and sugar cane. Also included in this issue are color photos of the fruits of the aguaje palm (Mauritia flexuosa), maca roots (Lepidium meyenii), umari fruits (Poraquiba sericea), pomarosa fruits (Eugenia inundata), oca tubers (Oxalis tuberosus) and lucuma fruits (Pouteria lucuma), all by Carlos Ochoa.

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Book Review Corner

* The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry
* The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry and Mark J. Plotkin
* Medicinal Plants of the Heartland by Connie Kaye and Neil Billington
* Potions, Poisons, and Panaceas by David Brussell
* Origin and Early Diversification of Land Plants by P. Kenrick & P.R. Crane

Research Notes

* Ethnobotanical Leaflets Starch Research Page 
* Agriboard, Use of Non-timber Cellulose for Construction
* The Inclusive Herbarium by Edgar Anderson
* How to Define a Species?
* Rain Forest Medicines, an interview with Mark Plotkin
* Archaeological Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes in Peru, by D. Ugent & L.W. Peterson

Galleria Botanica

* Herbals of the Vatican Library
* The Art of Emil Huston on Internet
* Kohler's Medizinal Pflanzen
* New photos by Carlos Ochoa  


* Society for Economic Botany 1999 Annual Meeting
* XVI International Botanical Congress
* New Crops & New Uses
* International Ethnobotany Symposium on Medicinal Plants in Costa Rica

Careers in Ethnobotany

* Job Listings from the Chronicle of Higher Education
* Careers in Ethnobiology and Conservation by M.J. Plotkin
* An Introduction to Ethnobotany by C. Veilleux and S.R. King
* Graduate Programs in Ethnobotany
* Undergraduate Studies in Ethnobotany

Policy Corner

* "Teaming with Life" An Interview with Meredith Lane by M. Kritzer Van Zant
* Economic Botany and Restoration Ecology by D.F. Austin & M. Kritzer Van Zant
* Editorial Policy

Worldwide Economic Botany Resources 

* NYBG Society for Economic Botany Home Page
* Editor's Page, Society for Economic Botany
* People and Plants Online
* Seed Savers Exchange
* Cyberbotanica: Plants and Cancer Treatments
* Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops
* New Crop Resource Online Program
* WWW Ethnobotany Resource Directory
* Internet Directory for Botanical Illustrations
* Kew's list of over 200 Web sites of interest to economic botanists
* Economic Botany Web Pages, from the Internet Directory for Botany
* Ethnobotany Database, U.S. National Agricultural Library
* Native American Food Plants, U.S. National Agricultural Library
* Medicinal Plants of Native Americans, U.S. National Agricultural Library
* Phytochemicals, U.S. National Agricultural Library

Related Web Pages

* Plants and Society (Plb 117)
* Don Ugent's Home Page
* Southern Illinois University Herbarium
* Protocells: The Origin of Life
* Tropical Dinoflagellates

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