Ethnobotanical Leaflets



Edition 2009

(Volume 13)


JANUARY 2009 (Scroll for Succeeding Months)


1 Wound Healing Plants of Jalgaon District of Maharashtra State, India by M.Z. Chopda and R.T. Mahajan


33 Measurement of Ethnic Knowledge Associated with Semecarpus anacardium L. f.--A Rare and Endangered Ethnobotanical Plant of Jharkhand, India by Kaushal Kumar


40 Medicobotanical Studies in Relation to Veterinary Medicine in Ekiti State, Nigeria: (1) Checklist of Botanicals used for the Treatment of Poultry Diseases by J. Kayode, M.K. Olanipekun and P.O Tedela


47 Investigations on Hepatoprotective Activity of Leaf Extracts of Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr. (Rutaceae) by T. Kalaivani et al.


51 Note on Pharmacological Activities of Calendula officinalis L. by S. Meenatchisundaram, G. Parameswari, T. Subbraj, T. Suganya and A. Michael


55 Medicinal and Pharmacological Activities of Andrographis paniculata--Review by S. Meenatchisundaram, G. Parameswari, T. Subbraj, T. Suganya and A. Michael


59 Resprouting in Tropical Rainforest of Highwavy Mountains, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India by Jegan, G. and Muthuchelian, K.


65 Anti-nociceptive and Anti-inflammatory Effects of the Leaf Extract of Vitex trifolia Linn. in Experimental Animals by P. Goverdham and Diwakar Bobbala


73 Polyherbal Formulation used in the Treatment of Jaundice by Kapadia, R., Dwivedi, S., Dwivedi, A., Pandey, S. and Barpete, P.K.


77 Pharmacognostical Study of Dioscorea oppositifolia L. by R. Felix, N. Nirmal Kumar and T. Leon Stephan Raj


83 Inter-Generic Relationship of Ocimum and Origanum Based on GC-MS Volatile Oils Data using Software NTSPSpc Version 2.0 by M. Maridass


98 Traditional Ethnomedicinal Knowledge Confined to the Pawra Tribe of Satpura Hill, Maharashtra, India by Jagtap, S.D., Deokule, S.S., Pawar, P.K. and Harsulkar, A.M.


116 Utilization and Status of Plant Resources in Northern Part of Pokhara Valley, Central Nepal by Kamal Prasad Acharya


123 Homeopathic Flora of Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh, India: A Preliminary Survey by Ajay K. Gautam and Rekha Bhadauria


131 Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Aqueous and Methanolic Leaf Extracts of Two Medicinal Plants against Bovine Mastitis Bacterial Pathogens by M.P. Ayyappa Das, R. Dhanabalan, A. Doss and M. Palaniswamy


140 An Examination of the Usage of Herbal Contrceptives and Abortifacients in Lagos State, Nigeria by Kadiri Akeem Bablola


147 Current Trends in Usage of Traditional System of Medicine in Tamilnadu, India - From the Perspective of Occupation by A. Krishnan, P. Bagyalakshmi, S. Ramya and R. Jayakumararaj


152 In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Two Medicinal Plants against Bovine Udder Isolated Bacterial Pathogens from Dairy Herds by M.P. Ayyappa Das, R. Dhanabalan and D. Doss


159 Ethnomedicinal Plants of Sirumalai Hills of Dindigul District, Tamilnadu, India by C. Alagesaboopathi and K. Rajendran


165 Studies on Hepatoprotective Properties of Leaf Extracts of Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (Meliaceae) by T. Kalaivani, et al.


171 Ethnobotanical Survey of Sariska and Siliserh Regions from Alwar District of Rajasthan, India by S.C. Jain, R. Jain and R. Singh


189 Ethnomedicinal Survey of Medicinal Plants Used for the Treatment of Diabetes and Jaundice Among the Villagers of Sivagangai District, Tamilnadu by S. Shanmugam, K. Manikandan and K. Rajendran


195 Wild Edibles of Kishtwar High Altitude National Park in Northwest Himalaya, Jammu and Kashmir (India) by Satish Kumar and Irshad Ahmed Hamal


203 Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants used in North Kordofan (Western Sudan) by Hatil Hashim EL-Kamali


211 Note on Pharmacological Activities of Melissa officinalis L. by G. Parameswari, et. al.


213 Pharmacological Activities of Mentha piperita - Mini Review by S. Meenatchisundaram, et al.


215 Histological and Physico-Chemical Evaluation of Operculina turpethum Linn. Root by Ashok Kumar, B.S., et al.


221 Analysis of Sudanese Cassia senna: Some Parameters for Chemical Quality Control by Hatil Hashim EL-Kamali


228 Investigations on the Consumption Patterns of Siddha Medicine across Different Regions in TN, India by A. Krishnan, P. Bagyalakshmi, S. Ramya and R. Jayakumararaj


234 Study on the Distribution of Flora and Fauna in the SIPCOT Industrial Park of Gangaikondan, Tirunelvelli District, Tamil Nadu, India by Jegan G and Muthuchelian K


249 Influence of Spatial and Temporal Variations on Phytoplankton Community Structure in Pachiparai Reservoir, Kanyakumari District, TN, India by P.J. Jepa Chandera Mohan, et al.


254 In Vitro Antibacterial Prospective of Crude Leaf Extracts of Melia azedarach Linn. against Selected Bacterial Strains by S. Ramya, et al.


259 Anthelmintic Activity of a Polyherbal Preparation by A. Dwivedi, et al.


263 In Vitro Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Analysis of Boerhaavia diffusa Linn. by Teepica Priya Darsini D, J.M. Sasikumar and Kulandhaivel M.


273 Medicobotanical Studies in Relation to Veterinary Medicine in Ekiti State, Nigeria: (2) Conservation of Botanical Species Used for the treatment of Poultry Diseases by J. Kayode, M.K. Olanipekun and P.O. Tedela


281 A Study of Phytochemical Composition of a Few Tribal Medicinal Plants from Sriharikota by R. Bharath Kumar and B. Suryanarayana




293 Pharmacognostical and Preliminary Phytochemical Studies of Argyreia nervosa Burm. by A. Krishnaveni and Santh Rani Thaakur


301 Studies on the Impact of Altitudinal Gradient on Ammonium Assimilatory Metabolism in Glycine max L. (Fabaceae) by C. Rajasekaran, et al.


310 Hepatoprotective Effect of Rheum emodi Roots (Revand chini) and Akseer-e-Jigar Against Paracetamol-induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats by M.S. Akhtar, M. Amin, Maqsood Ahmad and Alamgeer


316 Correlation between the Diversity Manifestation and Phytoplankton Productivity in Pechiparai Reservoir, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India by P.J. Jepa Chandera Mohan, et al.


320 Antimicrobial Activity of Sphaeranthus indicus L. by V. Duraipandiyan, P. Kannan and S. Ignacimuthu


326 Herbal Remedies Used in the Treatment of Scorpion Sting and Snake Bite from the Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh, India by Dwivedi Sumeet, et al.


329 Formulation and Evaluation of Polyherbal Anthelmintic Preparation by M. Chaturvedi, et al.


332 Preliminary Studies into the Hypolipidemic Activity of Various Parts of Capparis decidua by Neelkamal Chahlia


338 Phytochemistry and Ethnopharmacological Studies on Rubia cordifolia Linn. (Rubiaceae) by M. Kannan, A.J.A. Ranjit Singh and M. Narayanan


343 Allelopathic Effects of some Crop Residues on the Germination and Growth of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) by J. Kayode and J.M. Ayeni


351 Medicinal Orchids: An Overview by Amritpal Singh and Sanjiv Duggal


364 Medicinal Plants in East and Central Africa: Challenges and Constraints by Hatil Hashim EL-Kamali


370 Plants used as Medicine by Paliyar Tribes of Shenbagathope in Virudhunagar District of Tamilnadu, India by S. Shanmugam, et al.


MARCH 2009


379 Ethnomedicinal Practices of Kol Tribes in Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Orissa, India by S.D. Rout and H.N. Thatoi


388 Traditional Uses of Some Medicinal Plants by Tribals of Gangaraju Madugula Mandal of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India by J. Lenin Bapuji and S. Venkat Ratnam


399 Medicinal Orchids - An Overview by Amritpal Singh and Sanjiv Duggal


413 Impact of Altitudnal Gradient on Ammonium Assimilatory Enzymes in Rauvolfia teraphylla L. (Apocynaceae) - A Perennial Medicinal Herb by C. Rajasekaran, et al.


422 Antimicrobial Activity of Sphaeranthus indicus L. by V. Duraipandiyan, P. Kannan and S. Ignacimuthu


APRIL 2009


431 Acanthus ilicifolius Linn. - Lesser Known Medicinal Plants with Significant Pharmacological Activities by Amritpal Singh, Sanjiv Duggal and Ashish Suttee


437 Estimation of Rutin and Quercetin in Amaranthus viridis L. by High Performance Layer Chromatography (HPLC) by B.S. Ashok Kumar et al.


443 The Antioxidant Activity of the Leaves of Barleria grandiflora Dalz. (Acanthaceae) by H.A. Sawarkar, et al.


450 Effect of Different Concentrations of Imazaquin on Performance of Soybean (Glycine max) by K.S. Olorunmaiye, P.M. Olorunmaiye and O.A. Bukoye


459 Can Cerbera odollam Fruit Extract serve as an Anti-microbial ingredient in Deodorants? by S. Gokul Shankar, K. Babu, S. Subashini and Rai Sadananda


467 Phytochemical Analysis of the Essential Oil from Aerial Parts of Pulicaria undulata (L.) Kostel from Sudan by Hatil Hashim EL-Kamali, et al.


472 Invitro Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Ficus religiosa L. and Ficus bengalensis L. against Diarrhoeal Enterotoxigenic E. coli by B. Uma, K. Prabhakar and S. Rajendran


475 Traditional Phytotherapy Used in the Treatment of Malaria by Rural People of Bhopal, District of Madhya Pradesh, India by A. Dwivedi, R. Patel, D. Jhade, R. Sachan and A. Argal


480 Ethnobotanical Uses of Plants Among the Binis in the Treatment of Ophthalmic and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Ailments by M. Idu, G.O. Obaruyi and J.O. Erhabor


504 Laxative Property of Safoof-E-Sana, a Unani Formulation by B.S. Ashok Kumar, et al.


508 Medicinal Plants for Snake Bite Treatment - Future Focus by Kuntal Das


522 Tradomedical Values of Cotton Leaf Plus Lemon Juice Against Clinical Bacterial Isolates by I.O. Sule, T.O. Agbabiaka and G.P. Oyeyiola


532 Anthelmintic Activity of Trikatu Churna and its Ingredients by B. Uma Reddy and Y.N. Seetharam


540 Histological and Physico-chemical Evaluation of Zanthoxylum nitidum Stem Bark by Sanjib Bhattacharya, M. Kamaruz Zaman and Ashoke K. Ghosh


548 Ethnobotanical Plants Used for Oral Healthcare Among the Esan Tribe of Edo State, Nigeria by M. Idu, A.A. Umweni, T. Odaro and L. Ojelede


MAY 2009


564 Anthelmintic Activity of Root Bark of Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del. by A. Dwivedi, V. Joshi, P.K. Barpete, A.K. Akhtar, A. Kaur and S. Kumar


568 Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Calotropis gigantea and Tridax procumbens on Carrageenin-Induced Paw Edema in Rats by S. Awasthi, et al.


578 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Clerodendron colebrookianum Walp. Leaves and Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. Rhizomes by S. Majaw and J. Moirangthem


590 Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Coriander sativum Against Infectious Diarrhea by B. Uma, K. Prabhakar, S. Rajendran and Y. Lakshmi Sarayu


595 Efficacy of Some Essential Oils to Cure Some Common Problems in Human Beings by Mukesh Sharma


603 Conservation and Biodiversity Erosion in Ondo State, Nigeria: (2). Assessing Botanicals Used in the Storage of Farm Produce in Akure Region by J. Kayode, O.E. Ige and B.M. Ojo


611 Antibacterial Activity of Amchur (Dried Pulp of Unripe Mangifera indica) Extracts on Some Indigenous Oral Microbiota Causing Dental Caries by Charu Gupta, Amar P. Garg and Ramesh C. Uniyal


618 Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of the Plant Extracts of Mimosa pudica L. Against Selected Microbes by N. Gandhiraja, et al.


625 Adenosine deaminase from Plasmodium falciparum as a Potential Drug Target in Anti-Malarial Drug Designing: A Bioinformatic Approach by S. Sriram, et al.


634 Ethnomedicinal Importance of Pteridophytes Used by Reang Tribe of Tripura, North East India by S. Shil and M. Dutta Choudhury


644 An Investigation on the Antibacterial Activity of Rauvolfia tetraphylla Dry Fruit Extracts by C. Alagesaboopathi


651 Plant Diversity and Ethnobotanical Notes on Tree Species of Syabru Village, Langtang National Park, Nepal by Ananda Raj Joshi and Kunjani Joshi


665 Conservation and Biodiversity Erosion in Ondo State, Nigeria: (3). Survey of Plant Barks Used in Native Pharmaceutical Extraction in Akoko Region by J. Kayode, O.E. Ige, T.A. Adetogo and A.P. Igbakin


JUNE 2009


668 Ethnobotany of Acacia jacquemontii Benth. - An Uncharted Tree of Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India by K. Choudhary, M. Singh and N.S. Shekhawat


679 Antifungal Profiles of Extracts of Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea-Butter) Bark by R.N. Ahmed, A. Sani and O.O. Igunnugbemi


689 The Effect of Anti-Diabetics in Kidney of Rats by R. Mary Sujin, R. Mary Subin, R. Mahesh and J. Vinolyia Josephine Mary


702 Effect of Berberis lycium Royle on Lipid Profile in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rabbits by Maqsood Ahmed, Alamgeer, Tanveer Sharif, Muhammad Zabta CH and Atif Akbar


709 Ethno-Medicinal Uses and Agro-Biodiversity of Barmana Region in Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh, Northwestern Himalaya by Pankaj Sharma and Neel Kamal Mishra


722 Antibacterial Activity of Francoeuria crispa, Pulicaria undulata, Ziziphus spina-christi and Cucurbita pepo Against Seven Standard Pathogenic Bacteria by Hatil Hashim El-Kamali and Sana Al-Tayeb Mahjoub


734 Conservation and Biodiversity Erosion in Ondo State, Nigeria: (4). Assessing Botanicals Used in the Cure of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Owo Region by J. Kayode, R.A. Jose and O.E. Ige


739 Medicobotanical Studies in Relation to Veterinary Medicine in Ekiti State, Nigeria: Conservation of Botanical Species Used for the Treatment of Poultry Diseases by J. Kayode, M.K. Olanipekun and P.O. Tedela


752 Ethnobotanical Studies of Nubra Valley - A Cold Arid Zone of Himalaya by Phani Kumar G., Sunil Gupta, Pal Murugan M. and Shashi Bala Singh


766 Pharmacological Activities of Boswellia serrata Roxb. -  Mini Review by Aman Upaganlawar and Balu Ghule


775 Indigenous Knowledge on Healthcare Practices by the Reang Tribe of Dhalai District of Tripura, North East India by S. Shil and M. Dutta Choudhury


791 Role of Phenolics in Anti-Atherosclerotic Property of Thuja occidentalis Linn. by S. K. Dubey and A. Batra


801 Diversity, Distribution and Utilization Pattern of Economically Important Woody Plants Associated with Agro-Forestry in District Rajouri, J & K (Northwest Himalaya) by Jawaid Sarver, Satish Kumar, Mahroof Khan, Mehjabeen Ara and V.K. Anand


JULY 2009


810 Exploring the Folk Medicinal Flora of Abbotabad City, Pakistan by Maria Sabeen and Dr. Sheikh Saeed Ahmad


832 Evaluation of Cytotoxic Potential of Acorus calamus Rhizome by Rajkumar V, Gunjan Guha, Ashok Kumar R and Lazar Mathew


840 Antimicrobial Activity of Amomum subulatum and Elettaria cardamomum Against Dental Caries-Causing Microorganisms by K.R. Aneja and Radhika Josi


850 Antimicrobial Activity of Carica papaya (Pawpaw Leaf) on Some Pathogenic Organisms of Clinical Origin from South-Western Nigeria by I.I. Anibijuwon and A.O. Udeze


865 Ethnomedicinal Uses of Climbers from Saraswati River Region of Patan District, North Gujarat by A.R. Seliya and N.K. Patel


873 A Floristic Description of Flora and Ethnobotany of Samahni Valley (A.K.), Pakistan by Tanveer Hussain and Muhammad Ishtiaq Ch.


900 Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by Gond Tribe of Bhandara District, Maharashtra in the Treatment of Diarrhoea and Dysentery by Rakhi Gupta, M.G. Vairale, P.R. Chaudhari and S.R. Wate


910 Hepatoprotective Effect of Cassia fistula Linn. by S.J. Wasu and B.P. Muley


917 Determination of Protein Content of Some Different Types of Species of Mushroom in Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria by R.A. Jose and J. Kayode


921 Colophospermum mopane Wood Utilisation in the Northeast of the Limpopo Province, South Africa by R.A. Makhado, M.J. Potgieter and D.C.J. Wessels


946 Medicinal and Pharmacological Potential of Nigella sativa: A Review by N.K. Sharma, D. Ahirwar, D. Jhade and S. Gupta


956 Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Vitex leucoxylon Linn. by Gopalakrishna B, Shukla Prabodh and Shukla Padmini


962 In-Vitro Evaluation of Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Activity of Vitex nigundo (Verbenaceae) by P.B. Aswar, S.S. Khadabadi, B.S. Kuchekar, R.M. Rajurkar, S.S. Saboo and R.D. Javarkar




968 Antimicrobial Activity of Aegle marmelos Against Pathogenic Organism Compared with Control Drug by D. Venkatesan, M. Karunakaran, S. Selva Kumar, P.T. Palaniswamy and G. Ramesh


975 Culture, Habitat and Ethno-Medicinal Practices by Bhotia Tribe People of Dharchula Region of Pithoragarh District in Kumaun Himalaya, Uttarakhand by Deepika Bhatt, G.C. Joshi and L.M. Tiwari


984 A Note on the Use of Ethnomedicine in Treatment of Diabetes by Mishing Communities, by S. Borah, Dr. A.K. Das, D. Saikia and J. Borah


989 Assessment of Some Therapeutic Plants of the Abbi People in Ndokwa West L.GA. of Delta State, Nigeria by E.A. Ogie-Odia and E.F. Oluowo


1003 Ethnobotanical and Ethnomedicinal Observations in Nirmal Division of Adilabad District, Andhrapradesh, India by V. Madhu and C. Suvartha


1020 Some Important Supplementary Food Plants and Wild Edible Fungi of Upper Hilly Region of District Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), India by Sushil Sharma, Ajay K. Gautam and Rekha Bhadauria


1029 Ethnomedicinal Plants Used Against Jaundice in Dir Kohistan Valleys (NWFP), Pakistan by Gul Jan, Mir Ajab Khan and Farzana Gul


1042 The Effect of Bridelia ferruginea Bark Extracts on Some Pathogenic Micro-Organisms by R.A. Jose and J. Kayode


1047 Pholidata articulata Lindl., An Orchid Used in Bone Jointing in Kumaun Region, Western Himalaya by Jeewan Singh Jalal, Lalit. M. Tewari and Y.P.S. Pangtey


1051 Preliminary Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Pueraria tuberosa (Willd.) DC: A Potential Medicinal Plant by Venkata Ratnam K and R.R. Venkata Raju


1060 Ethnopharmacological Survey of Endemic Medicinal Plants in Paphos District of Cyprus by Charalampos Dokos, Charoula Hadjicosta, Katerina Dokou and Niki Stephanou


    SEPTEMBER 2009


1069 Ethnobotanical Stu1dies from Amaravathy Range of Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghats, Coimbatore District, Southern India by V.S. Ramachandran, Shijo Joseph and R. Aruna


1088 A Study of Ballota limbata as an Alternative Medicine for Eye Diseases by Muhammad Ashraf Chaudhary, Dildar Ahmad and Shahid Rehman Khan


1096 Some Superstitious Botanical Folklore of Different Tribes of North Cachar Hills, Assam (Northeast India) by Jayashree Rout, Albert L. Sajem and Minaram Nath


1108 Ethnobotanical Studies on Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) in Ekiti State, Nigeria by J. Kayode


1113 Medicinal Plants of Sewa River Catchment Area in the Northwest Himalaya and its Implication for Conservation by Mahroof Khan, Satish Kumar and Irshad Ahmed Hamal


1140 Modes of Compensation in Exchange for Indigenous Knowledge: A Case Study of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria by O.F. Kunle


1148 Ethnobotanical Studies on Timber Resources of Himachal Pradesh (H.P.), India by Anjna D. Kharwal and Dhiraj S. Rawat


1158 Ethnobotanical Uses of Wild Medicinal Plants by Guddi and Gujjar Tribes of Himachal Pradesh by Vipan Guleria and Amol Vasishth


1168 Seed Germination, Foliar Vestiture and Stem Anatomical Features of Urena lobata L. (Malvaceae): An Ethnobotanical and/or Ethnomedicinal Plant Genetic Resource in Nigeria by Gordian C. Obute and Tessy O. Nwaru


1186 Studies on the Antimicrobial Properties and Phytochemical Screening of Garlic (Allium sativum) Extracts by M.J. Olusanmi and J.E. Amadi


1197 A Comparative Study of the Antibacterial Activity of Piliostigma reticulatum Bark Extract with some Antibiotics by S. Awe and P.F. Omojasola




1205 Medicinal Value of the Asteraceae of Dir Kohistan Valley, NWFP, Pakistan by Gul Jan, Mir Ajab Khan and Farzana Jan


1216 Preliminary Studies on Vernonia ambigua: Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Screening of the Whole Plant by Kunle, Oluyemisi Folashade and Egharevba, Henry Omoregie


1222 Preliminary Phytochemical and Pharmacognostic Studies of Holoptelea integrifolia Roxb. by Benjamin Jeya Rathna Kumar P and Christopher Patrick Kiladi S


1232 Comparative Morphological and Anatomical Studies on the Leaf and Stem of some Medicinal Plants: Jatropha curcas L. and Jatropha tanjorensis J.L. Ellis and Saroja (Euphorbiaceae) by M. Idu, O. Timothy, H.L. Onyibe and A.O. Comor


1240 An Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants used by the Locals in Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir, India by Mahesh Kumar, Yash Paul and V.K. Anand


1257 Wound Healing Ethnomedicinal Plants Popular among the Malayali Tribes in Vattal Hills, Dharmapuri, TN, India by S. Ramya, et al.


1273 Phytochemical Analysis of Medicinal Plants Used for the Management of Hypertension by Esan People of Edo State, Nigeria by J.K. Mensah, R.I. Okoli, A.A. Turay and E.A. Ogie-Odia


1288 Influence of Metolachlor on Physiological Growth Character of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) by B.U. Olayinka, K.S. Olorunmaye and E.O. Etejere


1295 Indigenous Kowledge on Miscellaneous Uses of Plants by the People of Parroha VDC, Rupandehi District, Central Nepal by Kamal Prasad Acharya and Rajendra Acharya


1302 Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants Used by the Local People in Vellore District, Tamilnadu, India by T. Thirumalai, E. Kelumalai, B. Senthilkumar and E. David


1312 Veterinary Ethnomedicinal Plants in Uttarakhand Himalayan Region, India by Priti Kumari, Bibhesh K. Singh, Girish C. Joshi and Lalit M. Tewari


1328 Wild Edible Plants Used by the Tribes of Akole Tahasil of Ahmednagar District (Ms), India by M.S. Khyade, S.R. Kolhe and B.S. Deshmukh




1337 Ethnomedicinal Uses of Leaf Preparations in Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh, India by V. Madhu and D.S. Ravindra Naik


1348 A Note on the Use of Ethynomedicine in Treatment of Diabetes by Mishing Communities in Assam, India by S. Borah, Dr. A.K. Das, D. Saikia and J. Borah


1353 Ethnomedical Knowledge of Plants Used by the Tribal People of Purandhar in Maharashtra, India by S.V. Bhosle, V.P. Ghule, D.J. Aundhe and S.D. Jagtap


1362 Identification of Phytochemical Constituents of Aegle marmelos Responsible for Antimicrobial Activity against Selected Pathogenic Organisms by D. Venkatesan, C.M. Karrunakarn, S. Selva Kumar and P.T. Palani Swamy


1373 Herbal vs. Chemical Actives as Antidandruff Ingredients--Which are More Effective in the Management of Dandruff? -- An Overview by M. Prabhamanju, S. Gokul Shankar and K. Babu


1382 Medicinal Plant Resources of Puttaparthi Mandal: Taxonomic Overview and Need for Conservation by R. Basavaraju, J. Vennel Raj and P.V. Bhiravamurthy


1401 Indigenous Knowledge on Medicinal Plants Among the Local People of Puducherry Region (Union Territory), India by M. Udayakumar, M. Ayyanar and T. Sekar


1409 Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants in West Kordofan (Western Sudan) by I.G. Doka and S.M. Yagi


1417 Morphological and Anatomical Studies of the Leaf and Stem of Some Medicinal Plants: Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (L.) Vahl. and S. cayennensis (L.C. Rich) Schau. by M. Idu, J.O. Erhabor and E.A. Odia




1426 Lesser Known Ethnomedicinal Plants of Alagar Hills, Madurai District of Tamil Nadu, India by S. Karuppusamy, G. Muthuraja and K.M. Rajasekaran


1434 Ethnobotanical Studies on Dental Hygiene in District Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh (H.P.), India by Dhiraj S. Rawat, Anjna D. Kharwal and Suman Rawat


1443 Ethnomedicinal Studies of Some Weeds in Crop Fields of Marathwada Region, India by J.A. Dhole, N.A. Dhole and S.S. Bodke


1453 Medicinal Plants Used in the Health Care System Practiced by Traditional Vaidyas in Alaknanda Catchment of Uttarakhand, India by P.C. Phondani, R.K. Maikhuri and N.S. Bisht


1468 Ethnomedicinal Plants and Associated Traditional Knowledge of Jogimatti Forest, Chitradurga District, Karnataka, India by V.T. Hiremath and T.C. Taranath


1476 Major Religious Plants of Rudraprayag District (Garhwal), Uttarakhand (India) by Balwant Kumar


1485 Studies on Phytochemical Constituents, Functional Group Identification and Antimicrobial Activity of Solanum nigrum (Solanaceae) by D. Venkatesan, C.M. Karrunakaran and S. Selva Kumar


1504 Taxus wallichina (Himalayan Yew; Loth salla) in Nepal: Indigenous Uses, Conservation and Agenda for Sustainable Management by Kunjani Joshi


1509 Traditional Medicinal and Economic Uses of Gymnosperms of Dir Kohistan Valleys, NWFP, Pakistan by Gul Jan, Mir Ajab Khan and Farzana Jan



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